Pleurotomella packardii Verrill, 1872,

Phylum:Mollusca Linnaeus, 1758
Class:Gastropoda Cuvier, 1795
Order:Neogastropoda Wenz, 1938
Family:Raphitomidae Bellardi, 1875
Genus:Pleurotomella Verrill, 1872

Shell thin, fragile, translucent, plae fresh-colored, moderately strout, with an acute, somewhat turreted spine. Whorls nine; the apical whorls, for about two and one half turns, nearly smooth, regular, conex, chestnut-colored; below this the whorls are shouldered, strongl convex in the middle, but with a smooth concave band below the suture, corresponding to the posterior notch in the outer lip; the whorls are crossed below the sub-sutural band by 16 strong, prominent. rounded, somewhat oblique-ribs, most prominent on the middle of the whorl, but not angulated; on the last whorl these ribs become very oblique below the moddle, and follow the curve if the edge of the lip, nearly fading out anteriorly; the surface berween the ribs is marked by faint lines of growth and fine, unequal, slightle raised revolving lines, which pass over the ribs wothout interruption. They become mero evident on the lower part of the last whorl, and are very faint on the subsutural band, which is more decidedly marked by receding, strongly curved lines of growth. The aperture is rather broad above, elongated below, sub-oval, outer lip very thin, sharp, promonent above, separated from the preceding whorl by a wide and very deep sinus, ectending back for about one fifth of the circumference of the whorl; the anterior border of the lip is incurved near the end, and obliquely truncate, forming a short, straifht canal. Columella simple, nearly straight, its inner edge toward the end, sharp and obliquely excurved. No operculum. Lenght '85 of an inch, breadth '45, length of aperure '48, breadth of same ' 20. 


  • Verrill, A. E. 1873a. Brief contributions to zoology, from the Museum of Yale College No. XXIII. - Results of recent dredging expeditions on the north coast of New England. Americal Journal of Science (3) 5: 1-16.

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