Nuculana pernula O. F. Müller, 1779

Phylum:Mollusca Linnaeus, 1758
Class:Bivalvia Linnaeus, 1758
Order:Nuculanida Carter, J. G., Campbell, D. C. & M. R. Campbell, 2000
Synonyms:Leda pernula O. F. Müller, 1776; Nucula elongata Bosc, 1801

To size: To 28mm.

Shell Structure: Thin, brittle. Equivalve: Equivalve. Equilateral: Inequilateral, the beaks lie approximately 65% of dorsal margin length from posterior. Tumidity: Moderately tumid. Outline: Elongate-oval with a long, truncated rostrum: antero-dorsal margin rounded and sloping, anterior end deeply rounded; postero-dorsal margin long and slightly concave, postero-ventral margin slightly concave; escutcheon indistinct, elliptical with scarcely defined edges, very slightly raised; lunule long, lanceolate, conspicuously raised with well defined, raised, moderately sharp edges (more rounded in older shells); a second well defined ridge radiates posteriorly to form the rostrum which has a rounded end. Contour: Rostrate.

Sculpture: Fine, well defined, regularly-spaced raised concentric ridges, and coarser, irregular growth stops. Margin: Smooth. Ligament: Internal, opisthodetic, with a rounded triangular ligament seated in a well-developed resilifer. Hinge: Taxodont: relatively solid, continuous hinge plate, anterior part curved (convex), narrow below the beaks, broadening towards the anterior end. Posterior part long and concave. Hinge plate with a well-developed resilifer. Teeth, chevron-shaped, moderately long and pointed, usually 19 posterior and 16 anterior of the resilifer. Pallial Musculature: Pallial sinus shallow and indistinct. Colour: Silky, pale olive green to dark olive brown.

Depth: 10 - 500m. 


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