Hiatella rugosa Linnaeus, 1767

Phylum:Mollusca Linnaeus, 1758
Class:Bivalvia Linnaeus, 1758
Synonyms:Hiatella gallicana (Lamarck, 1818); Saxicava rugosa (Linnaeus, 1767); Mya purpurea Montagu, 1808 sensu Turton, 1822

To size: To 40mm.

Shell Structure: Robust, chalky. Equivalve: Equivalve. Equilateral: Inequilateral, beaks close to the anterior. Outline: Subcylindrical, anterior greatly reduced; anterior dorsal margin short, mostly continuous with rounded anterior; ventral margin long, almost straight; ligament margin slightly inclined then slightly angled with remainder of long posterior dorsal margin; posterior not greatly expanded, subtruncate. Posterior area set off by a low umbonal posterior ventral margin ridge.

Sculpture: Of irregular concentric ridges and lines. Margin: Inner margin smooth. Ligament: External, sunken, becoming relatively extensive extending to 1/3 of length of posterior dorsal margin. Hinge: Hinge teeth usually worn but RV with a single peg-like cardinal; LV with two similar cardinals. Pallial Musculature: Adductor scars unequal, posterior slightly the larger; pallial line fragmented, pallial sinus deep. Periostracum: Persistent over posterior, straw to pale brown coloured. Colour: Shell white.

A borer into rocks, including hard limestones. Distribution difficult to ascertain due to confusion witth H. arctica but probably widespread and probably restricted to low intertidal and sublittoral depths.

Depth: Intertidal, 0 - 200 m.

Author: Manushin Igor E. / 25.09.2015
Last edit: Manushin Igor E. / 25.09.2015

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