Porania (Porania) pulvillus (O.F. Mueller, 1776),

Phylum:Echinodermata Klein, 1734
Class:Asteroidea de Blainville, 1830
Order:Valvatida Perrier, 1884
Family:Poraniidae Perrier, 1893
Genus:Porania Gray, 1840
Synonyms:Asterias pulvillus O.F. Müller, 1776, Asteropsis pulvillus Müller & Troschel, 1842, Porania gibbosa Leach in Gray, 1840

Morphology  (Особенности морфологии). 

According to the morphological descriptions, the representatives of this species have typical five-ray shape, the star’s body is dense, central disc is wide and cupola-shaped. The dorsal side is covered with skinny integumnt lacking lime formations and looks absolutely even. As opposed to other Barents Sea species of fam. Poraniidae in which dorsal side is either densely granulated (ggenus Poraniomorpha) or has small spikes (genus Thylaster), on the dorsal side of P. pulvillus numerous light-colored papulae (gill bubbles) are clearly visible in live specimens. Lower marginal plates carry from one to five strong conical spines forming visible border along the disk perimeter and rays. The color varies from bright red to yellowish, sometimes spots are present.

Size (Размер). 

Colour (Цвет). 

Area  (Ареал). 

Distribution on the Barents Sea  (Распространение в Баренцевом море). 

Depth distribution (Глубины распространения). 

Preferred sediment (Предпочитаемые грунты). 

Preferred biotope (Предпочитаемые биотопы).  

Reproduction (Размножение). 

Fecundity  (Плодовитость). 

Development (Развитие). 

Behaviors  (Особенности поведения). 

Similar species (С кем можно спутать в Баренцевом море).  


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Author: Strelkova (Anisimova) Natalya A. / 20.01.2016
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