Eualus belcheri (Bell, 1855),

Phylum:Arthropoda Siebold, 1848
Class:Malacostraca Latreille, 1802
Order:Decapoda Latreille, 1802
Family:Thoridae Kingsley, 1879
Genus:Eualus Thallwitz, 1891
Synonyms:Eualus ratmanovi Makarov, 1941

Lobe with very strong hook on 3rd abdominal somite; no supraorbital spine; teeth dorsally as well as ventrally on rostrum; rostrum about 1.3 times cl; distinct red striping around abdomen (persisting in preservative for few years); epipod on first legs only (sometimes on 2nd).

Eualus belcheri (from Komai, De grave, 2015)

Eualus belcheri (from Squires, 1990)


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Author: Lyubin Pavel A. / 29.01.2014
Last edit: Zakharov Denis V. / 14.02.2018

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