Family Thoridae

First pair of chelae heavier than second.


Genus Eualus

Carapace with no supraorbital spines


Genus Lebbeus

Carapace with one supraorbital spine at each side


Genus Spirontocaris

Carapace with two supraorbital spines at each side


First pair of legs chelate, shorter than second pair; second pair chelate with carpus subdivided into two or more segments; no exopods on pereopods; eyes free, moderately large.

1. PhD Zakharov Denis V.

1. PhD Zakharov Denis V.

The project leader

Academic degree: PhD
Occupation: senior scientist
Workplace: Polar Research Institute of Marine Fisheries and Oceanography (PINRO)
Taxonomic group: Gastropoda

2. Zimina Olga L.

2. Zimina Olga L.

The project leader

Occupation: scientist
Workplace: Murmansk Marine Biological Institute (MMBI)
Taxonomic group: Malacostraca, Cirripedia, Pycnogonida

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