Pandalus montagui Leach, 1814 [in Leach, 1813-1814],

Phylum:Arthropoda Siebold, 1848
Class:Malacostraca Latreille, 1802
Order:Decapoda Latreille, 1802
Family:Pandalidae Haworth, 1825
Genus:Pandalus Leach, 1814 [in Leach, 1813-1814]
Synonyms:Astacus maculatus Leach, 1814 [in Leach, 1813-1814]; Boreocaris möbiusi Ortmann, 1893; Pandalus annulicornis Leach, 1815 [in Leach, 1815-1875]; Pandalus leptorhynchus Kinahan, 1858; Pandalus leptorhynchus Kinahan, 1860; Pandalus levigatus Stimpson, 1854

Rostrum with no dorsal spines anteriorly and turned upward slightly, deeper than in P. borealis and with larger ventral teeth, tip bifid; second pereopods unequal, the right shorter with about 20 annulations on the carpus; third abdominal somite with no dorsal carina, lobe or spine and no posterior spine on 4th somite dorsally; reddish stripes obliquely across carapace and abdomen (eventually lost in preservative), and a short whitish oblique bar surrounded by darker colour at the hepatic area of the carapace (seen through the integument). (Squires, 1990)

Pandalus montagui (from Vasilenko, Petryashov, 2009)

Pandalus montagui (from Squires, 1990)

Pandalus montagui (from Squires, 1990)


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