Bythocaris biruli Kobjakova, 1964,

Phylum:Arthropoda Siebold, 1848
Class:Malacostraca Latreille, 1802
Order:Decapoda Latreille, 1802
Family:Bythocarididae Christoffersen, 1987
Genus:Bythocaris G.O. Sars, 1870
Synonyms:Bythocaris leucopis biruli Kobjakova, 1964

The main diagnostic characters to distinguish B. biruli from the other species of Bythocaris are: 1, the armed meri of pereiopods 3-5; 2, the rostrum never extending beyond the eyes; 3, the rounded or truncate posterior margin of the telson; 4, the pleura of the fifth abdominal segment having a distolateral tooth; 5, the lack of well-developed dark pigmentation of the eye; 6, the presence of at least one middorsal tooth on the carapace. (Sokolov, 2000)

Bythocaris biruli (from Sokolov, 2000)

Bythocaris biruli (from Sokolov, 2000)


  • Sokolov, V. (2000) Deep-sea shrimps of the genus Bythocaris G.O. Sars in the collections of Russian museums, with the description of a new species (Crustacea: Decapoda: Hippolytidae). Zool. Med. Leiden 74 (24), 29.xii.: 403-468, figs 1-39. ISSN 0024-0672

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